Auto Motive Demand Auto Windows Ceramic tint and regular tint, what makes the difference, and which is better?

Ceramic tint and regular tint, what makes the difference, and which is better?

We all are familiar with the several benefits that a window tint offers us for the use in the cars and many car owners use it for availing these benefits. Some like to block the heat with these tints, some use them for privacy while the others prefer the use of these window tints for keeping the interior of the car preserved.

There are different types of tints available in the market that are all dependent upon the needs of the people and car owners. The difference is not much but in the make of tint and the pricing. The more you put into the price of the tint, the better results you are going to get. Then there are different levels of tint shading etc. that is the amount to which you want the window to appear dark. It can be somewhere near to light gray to darkest gray and even black.

Now there are two main types of tints that you will find in the market as follows:

  • Regular tint or the dyed tint
  • Ceramic tint

You can get these tints installed on the windows of your car by any of the window tinting Longmont. They will apply these tint films to your car and you would be able to enjoy them with ease. But what makes these two tint types different from each other?

Let’s take a look at them both separately.

Dyed tint

These tints are the dyed sheets of polyester that are dyed to different levels of color for blocking the light from entering the car. There are different colors and different gradations of this tint for the windows. They do not fully block the light but to some extent prevent UV rays from entering the car. They are not very long-lasting and they will be needed to be changed soon.


Ceramic tint

Better technology of using ceramic for the tints is applied here so that up to 99% of the UV rays and heat are blocked by the tints. The car does not get heated with these tints and provides great security and protection. This tint is very durable and it is very hard for the robbers to break it through to enter the car. However, with the better technology at hand, the cost of this type of tinting becomes better.